Our market requires registration before importing from your company.

No problem for us . Now we have our own registration team especially for dossiers . So far we've got more than 200 MAs in 20+ countries . We always keep our eyes on dossiers. For we know that the requirement of FDA/MOH registration in almost all countries more difficult than before.


We require the best quality and we're worried about terrible goods after paying.

We're a professional pharmaceutical company for quite a long time in this field since we established and we're developing with trusted partners and get good sales in the international world market with good communication and  long term  cooperation at the beginning we got in touch with each other . Excellent quality and professional service are our basic principles with every partner. A complete system of quality management is required in our side.  The pharmaceutical from us will better than before. Don't worry.


We received your pricelist but it's too high and we can't sell in our market.

The price quoted is an reference price for your esteemed side for we don't have quantity requirment about  items you're interested. So the quotation prepared and sent is based on minimum order quantity specified in our side. We'd like quote the best as soon as getting your purchasing quantity to push our mutual business in long term . Also, we all know that it's worth every penny of it and you'll be satisfied with what we supplied to our cooperation.


The interval of last order was long, we aren't satisfied and we consider decreasing orders.

Sorry for the inconvenience brought for last order. We have stable and quick producing time in workshop and the delivery time for next orders will not that long . Please unstandard we have scheduling rule for all orders from clients monthly after deposit received .  Purchasing orders from 6 partners have been operated before order finalized between us for last order.